Phat Fish was conceived from a our passion to create a beautiful bar, welcoming of every single person, where we can all comfortably settle in and enjoy each other’s company over glass of wine or a nice cold beer. Our recipe is a simple one-quality beverage offerings and the freshest fish and produce we get our hands on. Our drinks menu offers some of the finest Tasmanian boutique spirits, great craft beer and classic favourites alike and the wines available by the glass are some of the best Tasmania has to offer including Pipers Brook vintage sparkling and Stefano Lubiana certified organic Riesling and Pinot Noir.

In the kitchen, Chef Henry’s passion for quality and perfection shines in the brilliantly curated menu that includes classic comforts such as fish and chips or Tasmanian scallops and chips, but also plenty of other menu items you will be less likely to find elsewhere. When creating a dish, Henry is extremely conscious of where his ingredients come from and the impact they have on our environment, and it is because of the consciousness that we use only fresh, line-caught fish in our fish and chips and we source our produce from local areas were possible. The next time you find yourself on Hobart’s waterfront or in the Salamanca area, please stop in and enjoy what we have created.

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